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FIORDA is the Fertilizer Industry Operational Risks Database, a database for fertilizer manufacturers developed by an independent group of engineers and members of and

FIORDA mission is to improve safety and reliability performance of fertilizer plants by collecting and exchanging process safety data among the participating companies and acting as focal point for co-ordination and management of process safety data collection within the fertilizer industry.


Preventive Solutions Documented


Case studies under review


Mitigation Methods Identified


Recommendations for Improvement

AmmoniaKnowHow supports fertilizer manufacturers by providing essential services for the industry, using our syngas technologies and scientific knowledge developed in multiple projects worldwide



Decommissioning and inspection of ammonia storage tanks

Fertilizer Industrial Services (FIS) are involved in shut-down, inspection, repairs and commissioning activities of anhydrous ammonia storage tanks worldwide.

Operational HAZOP and SIL studies for Ammonia and Urea plants

AmmoniaKnowHow process safety partner Fertilizer Industrial Services (FIS) specialists together with UreaKnowHow (UKH) consultants are involved in a series of HAZOP and SIL studies for a fertilizer manufacturer in Europe.

Raising the bar for Fertilizer Industry – Operational Excellence’s partner Fertilizer Industrial Services has recently been appointed by an European fertilizer company to implement the Operational Excellence (OE) within their Operational, Engineering and Maintenance departments.

Maintenance Capabilities for Fertilizer Industry

The right maintenance strategy deployed at the right time with the right resources and industry knowhow is key to meeting performance objectives. Gain the ability to adjust and update for varying operating and environmental contexts is a high advantage capability in the current market. Always try to achieve the maximum performance from your assets.

Commissioning support for fertilizer plants

Our Commissioning and Operational Readiness expertise is based upon our team long and worldwide Ammonia projects experience.We understand how to set up and deliver operations for our customers. Our expedience across various Ammonia plant technologies, from engineering to operation hand-over, gives us the edge when it comes to Ammonia plants Commissioning and Operational Readiness

Owner Representatives for Fertilizer Companies during Design and Commissioning

The client was looking to select the design for a new ammonia plant. They need an experienced advisory team with background in ammonia industry to support them and consult as owner representatives during Concept Select, Front End Engineering Design and Detailed Design phases. Client requested support for process, mechanical and process safety disciplines.

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