Ammonia advanced training

Ammonia advanced training

24 – 28 June 2019 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This course is intended for operators / shift supervisors from ammonia process backgrounds and for engineers, technicians and managers who support ammonia plants projects and operation. The development of the course has been steered by an expert group of ammonia process, process safety and material and corrosion professionals with a reputable worldwide reputation. The ammonia technology is well represented with case studies in discussion collated from trainers personal experience on site as well as from the last 50 years of Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium organized by AIChE. Throughout the course extensive use will be made of a range of real life case studies and of group discussions.

Key Topics

The training program agenda will cover specific technical issues related with Ammonia Plant Start-up, Operation, Troubleshooting, Corrosion and Safety.

Main topics covered during the training course are:

  • Ammonia Process Technology
  • Environmental, Safety and Healthy Aspects in Operation of Ammonia Plants
  • Ammonia Plant: Start-up and Operation
  • Errors in Performing Standard Procedures
  • Problem, Failure and Troubleshooting of Ammonia Plant
  • Turnaround, shutdown and outage management
  • Commissioning after turnaround
  • Ammonia Stress Corrosion Cracking (NH3- SCC) in Liquid Ammonia Storage Tanks
  • Corrosion Failure Modes in CO2 Removal Systems
  • Corrosion Failure Modes in Steam and Condensate Systems of Ammonia Plants
  • Sections and Equipment with most Safety Hazards in Ammonia Plants
  • Major Safety Risks in Ammonia Plants
  • Key findings in safety studies and analysis for Ammonia plants
  • Operational incidents and corrective actions in Ammonia plants

Who will benefit

Ammonia plant operators, technicians and superintendents

  • Mechanical engineers,
  • Production engineers,
  • Instrumentation and control engineers,
  • Electrical engineers,
  • Safety and risk engineers,
  • Maintenance engineers,
  • Project engineers.

For more information regarding this course please consult the training brochure.


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