Ammonia and Urea Plants Maintenance and Reliability Process Improvement

Ammonia and Urea Plants Maintenance and Reliability Process Improvement

The Situation

Our client was a fertilizer company manufacturing urea, ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate, and NPK. Both the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and maintenance work processes used at the facility were area and unit-based vs. a fertilizer complex-wide, common platform. Maintenance overtime was high, and the productivity of company and contractor maintenance forces was low compared to industry standards. Based on industry norms, equipment reliability was also low and was seen as the major profitability issue.



Fertilizer Industrial Services conducted an assessment which resulted in a proposed improvement plan that was agreed to by company management. An internal cross-functional team was created to design and roll out an appropriate, facility-wide maintenance process to re-implement and train users on a uniform CMMS. Extensive field coaching was provided to both operators and maintenance personnel to introduce the new concepts and ingrain the behavioral changes required to sustain long-term improvement.

Additional procedures and guidelines for a comprehensive maintenance and reliability program were developed and full list is available here.



Following the implementation of this program it is expected that utilization of company and maintenance contractor labor resources will significantly improve and Preventive Maintenance compliance to increase.

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