With an increase pressure from fertilizer producers to remain competitive in a fluctuating market, nitrogen syngas technology licensors are working continously to develop processes to reduce the costs and improve efficiencies in ammonia plants.

Key aspects are taken into consideration when a new plant is build, consisting high energy efficiency, reduced OPEX, flexibility in operation, reliability and environmental compatibility.

With ongoing research activities looking to develop process for ammonia production using various feedstocks like naphta reforming, hydrogen from water electrolysis, refinery offgas it is important to stay informed regarding recent progress in ammonia technology.

Operators needs are different, they may be aimed to increase plant capacity or reducing energy consumption while minimizing the requirements of new equipment cutting down the investment costs.

A succesfull greenfield or revamp project consist not only in a carefull seclection of technology, but also in a good integration with existing facilities durin the design phase. Other succesful key factors are: operators training with a new process, a good commissioning planning and execution that may lead to a smooth startup and operation.

Our specially developed Risk Registers may help operators and desginers to overcome some of the above challenges. The risk registers are continously updated with newly identified risks coming from operation and projects as well as mitigation and prevention barries.

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