AmmoniaKnowHow and UreaKnowHow supporting Latin American Fertiliser Project as Owner’s Engineer for Ammonia and Urea plants

AmmoniaKnowHow and UreaKnowHow supporting Latin American Fertiliser Project as Owner’s Engineer for Ammonia and Urea plants

In fertiliser industry, every kind of project comes with many challenges. Starting from project early phases, during technology selection, and later during design and commissioning an independent team of engineers with experience in all ammonia and urea technologies can make the difference between a successful project and a challenging one.

The great financial risks associated with ammonia and urea plant investments differ based on the location, environment and technology used. Without a qualified design review process, an ammonia and urea plant project could suffer from unidentified risks during design and construction, leading to potential unforeseen loss of revenue. Owners need independent ammonia and urea expertise to help them make informed decisions regarding technology, EPCs capabilities and equipment suppliers, and to avoid weak points in plant construction and operation.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Ammonia and Urea technology, work together with the project owner during FEED phase.

The scope of the agreement involves technical consultancy services covering ammonia and urea technology. Services provided include:

  • Review EPC contractor deliverables,
  • Provide input to CAPEX and OPEX,
  • Provide input to schedule and cost,
  • Check the compliance to technical engineering design standards,

Client statement:

“AmmoniaKnowHow and UreaKnowHow engineers act as a technical reviewer on behalf of us (project owners). They did review licensing documentation, overall EPC design, checking compliance with relevant codes, acceptance and performance tests as well as sharing their expertise with our EPC to improve the overall design quality. Using their expertise, we safeguard our investment with realistic assessment of potential risk and growth opportunities, improved cost efficiency by using their holistic assessment of the project and identified areas of cost savings.  

Using AmmoniaKnowHow and UreaKnowHow we did save time and improved process efficiency by outsourcing technical documentation review to an expert partner that delivers single-source control and we did benefit from their one-stop solutions with expertise in ammonia and urea technology.”

AmmoniaKnowHow and UreaKnowHow experts provide technical support during technology selection, basic and detailed engineering. Our dedication to the project, short response time, and professional attitude let owners to focus on their daily activities while they know that the project moves fluently forward while all technical details are being examined. Our team expertise and experience help owners to make decisions that serve their projects with the best available technology and safety as well as cost-effectiveness.

Owner’s engineers play a supporting role in filling gaps in resources and expertise for a project – either as single expert within your team or as a team of experts. Our owner’s engineers, also known as ‘independent engineers’ or ‘lender’s engineers’, are highly qualified and trained to support you from project inception to start-up.

Our owner’s engineer services offer you:

  • Extensive technical expertise covering ammonia, urea, nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate projects.
  • Risk minimization of budget overruns, environmental issues, procedural claims, quality issues and non-deliveries.
  • Assurance that technical and contractual requirements are met.
  • Comprehensive consulting services in all project phases.
  • Less risks for claims and contractual penalties.
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