AmmoniaKnowHow and Protomation announced a new partnership

AmmoniaKnowHow and Protomation announced a new partnership

Bracknell, United Kingdom – May 7, 2019 – and Protomation, today announced a partnership of joint effort to strengthen their next generation business portfolio and capabilities.

The partnership brings together Protomation’s state-of-the-art simulation software and Operator Training Simulators and AmmoniaKnowHow’s expertise in ammonia plant commissioning and operation, merging Protomation ammonia plant Operator Training Simulator models and knowledge in ammonia plant operation.

This collaboration will enable unprecedented services for the fertilizer industry, consisting in customized training programs for ammonia plant operators. The training solutions will be provided in class and online and will include case studies and incidents that happen in the ammonia plants around the world. Using lessons learned from historic incidents documented in Fertilizer Industry Operational Risks Database (FIORDA), through this partnership, both companies will satisfy the growing demands for process safety and ammonia plant operators training effectively by joining the best forces and capabilities from each company.

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