welcomes Integrated Global Services, Inc (IGS) as our new Solution Provider welcomes Integrated Global Services, Inc (IGS) as our new Solution Provider

IGS is an international provider of surface protection solutions headquartered in Virginia, USA.

With over 30 years of experience helping customers solve metal wastage and reliability problems in mission-critical equipment, IGS are an industry leader in the development and application of solutions to corrosion and erosion problems in challenging operating environments.

IGS has a proven track record of more than 20 years in-service experience of stopping internal corrosion in CO2 removal based on amine systems. Since 2001, IGS has protected in excess of 100 amine columns for Chemical, Petrochemical plants, Ammonia plants and Refineries all over the world, internally cladding more than 3000 m² of steel.

IGS has developed and introduced a wide range of online (while the heater is operating) services over the last four decades, targeted at high temperature production reformers, furnaces and equipment. Each project is approached with utmost safety in mind, ensuring that none of our people or equipment are compromised during the execution of the Hot-tek Services. Evaluation and engineering phases of each project determine the best operational approach and parameters will be set to achieve an optimal outcome, typically with no downtime.

Hot-tek services include Hot Convection Cleaning, Hot Refractory Repair, Hot Vacuum Service, and Hot Inspection Service.

When galvanic corrosion occurs, the metal alloy of the heat exchanger equipment will be attacked, causing metal wastage and a loss of the metal wall thickness of the unit. If left unaddressed this can lead to leaks and a loss of containment. Once the surface of the heat exchanger shell or tube sheet has started to corrode and pitting develops, metal loss increases due to the turbulent flow in this area, creating an even more aggressive erosion/corrosion cycle. It is therefore critical to mitigate corrosion mechanisms through corrosion management strategies, such as a surface corrosion barrier of high-temperature corrosion resistant alloy applied by IGS HVTS.

IGS HVTS cladding technology allows the process owner to upgrade the internal metal alloy in-situ without the creation of HAZ or the requirement for PWHT. The IGS HVTS noble cladding is non-reactive and inert to the wide-ranging aggressive operating environments in heat exchangers, vessels, and columns. is looking forward to work together with IGS and our solution providers in developing Value Improvement Practices (VIP) trainings for our members.

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