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      Dear all,

      I am currently working in an ammonia plant where we use Benfield solution in Gas purification section. Since last month we have seen no improvement of %TV,%v2o5,%kvo3 though almost 100 kg of v2o5 added to the system. Please provide your comment and suggestions.


        So 100 kg of V2O5 is aboput 0.55 kmol. Different plant report V total and V+5 in different ways but lets assum g/liter as KVO3-then Then the 100 kg of V2O5 should increase KVO3 by134 kg so in a 500 m3 system at s.g. of 1.28 that would be an increase in V total of0.2 g/liter which, assuming normal 12 g/liter should be seen but is still small enough that another 100 kg of V2O5 would do no harm. A few questions:
        is it possible that you are losing solution in the desorber overhead. That can be a problem when waterwash trays are plugged with V/Fe precipitate
        is V+5 > 7 g/liter as KVO3? If it dropped far below 7 that would indicate corrosion somewhere in the system which would use more V to try to passivate I think typically Fe won’t go much above 200 ppm due to precipitation of Fe
        has the colour and opacity of the solution changed?
        If you are cooling the solution to the absorber top with CW ot might be worth checking for an increase in ppm K on the cooling water side
        the Benfield process makes life interesting for plants that use it

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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