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      I am experiencing Cold Box Perlite Unloading and Refilling to facilitate leak detection and repairing of piping leakage inside of cold box.

      Seeking experience sharing from the group members with similar job experience.



        Successfully completed the project. Total 13 days required. One leak detected and welded. Now operating smoothly.


          Great to hear.
          we too had it in past. could you brief about your cold box desing as our cold box was of CFbrown design and it leaked from inlet core. aluminum welding was done.


            Is this unloading and refilling done by your self or called some expert. Can you share procedure for unloading and refilling of perlite.
            Have you changed Perlite or same used, how much thickness maintained of perlite. While leak what was cold box DP.


              @ahsansarfraz, Cold Box manufacturer is Costain Engineering, England. And also aluminium was welding carried out.

              @PKS1964, Perlite unloading and refilling was carried out by ourselves, but welding was carried out by external welder of Fives Cryogene, France. Regarding procedure perlite unloading and refilling is very usual only process isolation and purging/handover is important which will vary depending on process configuration. Perlite condition was good after being used for 25 years. Only partial make up is provided.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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