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      Is there any plant utilizing the process condensate degasser steam.


        Hi Mohan, If I understand your inquiry correctly, for the last 30 years or so plants have been built with process condensate strippers that use MP steam and operate at either mixed feed pressure, or MP pressure. The overhead steam, along with NH3, CH3OH, CO2 etc goes into the reformer displacing live MP steam. In older plants, the stripper used LP steam which was typically vented. Some plants now reduce the amount of process steam to be stripped by operating a saturator with heat either from the convection bank or frim HTS outlet gas so that quite a bit of the condensate is vaporized providing a typical S/C of 1.0 and leaving much less condensate to be stripped. Convection bank heat is available in older plants w and can lower stack temperature considerably. Un addfition to stripping process condensate from the raw gas separator some plants also strip CO2 removal overhead condensate which typically contains some ammonia and CO2.


          Hi, Edmondson Bob

          While utilizing the condensate using a saturator it will not spoil the equipment due to the acid and basic nature of the steam liberating from the stripping.


            Hi MohaN,
            The saturator schemes I know if are:
            A saturator coil where condensate is injection into the coil and controlled to keep the coil outlet well above dewpoint. The coil is of 304 stainless steel so not subject to corrosion. This was done as a part of a revamp of a plant in Trinidad but I know it has been done in other plants-just don’t know the details. For the Trinidad plant stack temperature dropped from 3309 deg C to about 155 deg C (as I recall). S/C was 1.0 exit the coil.
            In another plant I worked on, heat from the gas exit the HTS first preheats mixed feed and then dumps heat into a circulating stream of condensate and the hot condensate is passed over packing in a tower (also of stainless steel). Natural gas enters at the tower bottom and the saturated gas leaves overhead. That saturator raised S/C to about 1.
            For the Trinidad plant a 3 bar condensate stripper was replaced with a 35 bar stripper and steam turbines that fed the 3 bar steam system were switched to dual drive so motors normally drive the driven fans and pumps.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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