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      Hardly I have seen any discussions over interlock and logic system of ammonia process plant. Does it mean the advancement on the regarding issues reached to the peak and no further discussion is required. If not can we discuss/share the latest changes/developments of INTERLOCK and LOGIC design of ammonia plant considering highest level of PSM.
      attention @Dan Cojocaru


        Hi md.jahangiralam, you are totally right. We need a separate topic where we can discuss the latest improvements of INTERLOCK and LOGIC in ammonia plants. I moved this topic to the Ammonia forum.

        It will be interesting to share the updates and modifications that you have done in your plants to improve the logic and interlocks. My team and I eliminate the opportunity to claim standard operators procedures and operator training as safeguards in EPC projects where we are involved. Way too often we see the tendency to limit the necessity of interlock by claiming in exchange operator procedure as safeguards.


          SIS and cause & effect drawings are very much technology-specific and I do not know process licensors would share them in an open forum. But NH3 producers could share among themselves and some papers were presented on SIS at AIChE NH3 safety symposiums in the past and one could refer to them.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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