Largest Single Train Ammonia Plant/Synloop Installed Capacity?

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      The various process licensors (such as H-T, Casale, T-K/Uhde) talk a big game in terms of who has the largest single train ammonia plant design (claims of up to 6000 mtpd) but when it comes to waving away the “vapour-ware” and pointing to an installed and functioning plant, the references are a little over half the claimed target.

      I can see that ThyssenKrupp/Uhde commissioned SAFCO IV in Saudi Arabia at 3300 mtpd, with a revamp to 3670 mtpd:

      CFI Donaldsville, in the US, commissioned an Uhde plant at 3600 mtpd back in 2016.

      Perdaman in Western Australia, is close to commencing construction of a Haldor-Topsoe Syncor plant at 3500 mtpd.

      Both T-K, H-T and Casale claim to have designs that should be able to achieve a 6000 mtpd single train plant. Are there any projects that have been built or at least committed to with a final investment decision (or offtake/supply agreement) at capacities above the 3500-3600 mtpd mark? And if so, what capacity?

      I’m aware of this analysis by Uhde back in 2005, studying the practical challenges (in terms of equipment and layout) of expanding single train capacity up to 4250 mtpd but it appears (as far as I can tell) that the industry hasn’t taken up the challenge yet.

      What else is out there?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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