Driving improvement in asset integrity for fertilizer plants

Driving improvement in asset integrity for fertilizer plants

Creating a blended team of process, maintenance and asset integrity to ensure asset performance improvement.


The Challenge

The client was suffering a lack of visibility of their individual assets’ performance, a high level of downtime and not meeting turnaround targets due to overrun of inspection activities. They had a high backlog of maintenance and inspection activities.


Our Approach

Fertilizer Industrial Services created a blended team with a mix of specific ammonia process engineering expertise including a maintenance management consultant to drive process and client asset integrity technical expert who had the experience of previously performed practices to buy in newly developed practices and ability to share them with the rest of the client asset integrity team.



Increased visibility to drive performance improvement

Data gaps identified in maintenance management system and improvements reported

Reduction in maintenance and inspection backlog due to efficient prioritisation and improved work practices

Reporting of more accurate performance data to enable issues to be identified

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