Environmental Consultancy Services for Ministry of Environmental Protection

Environmental Consultancy Services for Ministry of Environmental Protection

The Situation

The Ministry of Environmental Protection was looking for an expert to advise and provide consultation for:

  1. Definition and classification of wastes and wastes stream according to the European Waste Catalogue, European Waste Directives, and international guidelines such as the CLP and GHS
  2. Consultation regarding hazard properties (and guidance on ways to set the correct properties) of wastes,
  3. Consultation regarding alternatives to treat hazardous wastes (or determination of suitable land field types).
  4. Consultation regarding waste sampling methods, and suitable analytical methods (and determinization of limits values if relevant)
  5. Risk assessments using flow diagrams and comparison to limit values
  6. Guidance on chemical and physical tests for wastes

Additional support for editing of guidelines and reports regarding the above was also part of the tasks.



Fertilizer Industrial Services appointed an environmental specialist with extensive experience in European Union legislation to support the project. The Ministry of Environmental Protection submitted specific technical queries to the environmental expert.



The technical queries were answered via a comprehensive report developed specifically for the Ministry including references to series of procedures to comply with European Union regulation.

The report including the answer to technical queries was follow up by a series of further discussions and additional technical clarifications between the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Fertilizer Industrial Services environmental specialist. All technical queries were addressed correctly and completely, and additional time was spent to make sure the results are fully explained for a correct implementation.

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