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      Most likely its a leak in the Synthesis loop BFW preheater & your Ammonia converter outlet stream is mixing into High pressure steam circuit. Steam drum integrity would be at risk due to caustic embrittlement (considering Coordinated phosphate base BFW treatment program). There is very less you can do abt as this Ammonia contaminated BFW returns back after turbine condensate treatment. Activated carbon somehow absorbs this Ammonia & further can be stripped-off thru Deaerator vents. For steam turbine, these inerts can easily be vent off by taking hogger ejector set in service but still its that high PH problem of steam drum which may not allow you to linger-on. The worst part would be when you go for the repair as mostly Tube to tube sheet welding affects the Hydrogen service exchangers & the subsequent failure occurs in & around heat affected zone.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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