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      Training on “Plant Operation and Management”. which will give overall picture of a plant. like operation context, budget, chemical consumption, energy consumption. this training mostly focused on building future leader of the plant.


        @ muthukumar,
        1. Use appropriate PPE while working.
        2. Read MSDS of each hazardous item before dealing with it.
        3. Follow SOP while doing any job.
        4. Operate plant following SOP/Checksheet/HIRA, etc.
        5. In general don’t be absent mind while staying in plant premises.
        6. Finally best of luck and seek grace by Almighty!

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          @ahsansarfraz, Cold Box manufacturer is Costain Engineering, England. And also aluminium was welding carried out.

          @PKS1964, Perlite unloading and refilling was carried out by ourselves, but welding was carried out by external welder of Fives Cryogene, France. Regarding procedure perlite unloading and refilling is very usual only process isolation and purging/handover is important which will vary depending on process configuration. Perlite condition was good after being used for 25 years. Only partial make up is provided.

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            HOT START-UP “Procedure”?
            Initially can be started by once through N2 supply.
            Start to ignite burners.
            Charge process steam after reaching above its temp.
            Continue to ignite burners at higher rate letting not temp fall.
            Charge Process NG/Feed.

            The “Temperature up to which HOT START-UP” can be done?
            No specific limit. The near the temperature of the process feed steam will reduce the start up time. Example, if steam temperature is 380 deg anything near this temperature. Note: the temp you will see in the TI are not actual without any fluid flow through, after charging N2 or steam actual temp will be visible (generally reduce by few degrees).
            If temp is well below the steam temp then initially once through N2 flow can be charged before steam supply.

            The “Heating Rate”?
            In this case heating up rate can be much higher. The higher temp from which the start up began the higher the rate can be.

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              Successfully completed the project. Total 13 days required. One leak detected and welded. Now operating smoothly.

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                can I ask, what’s the necessity of using N2 as heating medium for methanator catalyst bed. feed gas is venting through any point of process, cold gas can be introduced to bed and after LTS lined up it will take 1 hr max to reach MTN.

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