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Fertilizer Academy: expand your knowledge with new courses – February 8th, 2023

Training for engineers and operators: Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) In Anhydrous Ammonia Storage Tanks online training – May 23rd, 2022

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Improving the Operation of Ammonia Synthesis Loops – January 18th, 2022

AmmoniaKnowHow is launching Fertilizer Academy – December 6th, 2021

Webinar: Smart Turnaround Solutions – November 9th, 2021

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Handling the Heat – October 7th, 2021

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Stop-Work Authority in Process Plant Operation – March 17th, 2021

Online roundtable: Corrosion Issues in Ammonia and Urea Plants: Causes, Consequences and Safeguard Solutions – 25 March 2021

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Q & A for Ammonia Reformer Operation and Optimisation Webinar – December 18th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Recordings of Ammonia Reformer Operation and Optimisation webinar – November 25th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Fertilizer Industrial Services selected as Owner’s Engineer for a nitric acid plant – October 27th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Ammonia, Urea, Nitric Acid, Ammonium Nitrate, Owner’s Engineer – October 15th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Explosion characteristics and flammability limits of various aqueous ammonia vapours in air – September 22nd, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Ammonia Terminal Risk Assessment and Risk Management – September 7th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Innovative technologies to reduce the human error and comply with turnaround schedules in refractory work – August 24th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: POLL: Operational Challenges in Fired Heaters and Process Equipment – August 12th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Key Success Factors in Commissioning of Ammonia Plants – August 4th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Webinar – Managing HAZOPs remotely – lessons learned – April 27th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Webinar – How to Improve the Efficiency of a Steam Methane Reformer – April 20th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: Owner Representatives for Fertilizer Companies – January 24th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow INCIDENT ALERT: Explosion damages Brahmaputra Valley Fertiliser Corporation Ltd (BVFCL) unit-II in India – January 7th, 2020

AmmoniaKnowHow INCIDENT ALERT: Fire at Azomures Fertilizer Plant in Romania – November 12th, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: is looking for experts – November 5th, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow INCIDENT ALERT: Fire at Kemerovo “Azot” Fertilizer Plant in Russia – August 28th, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter: FIORDA Case Study: High Pressure Drop in Methanator Catalyst Bed due to CO2 Removal Solution Carry Over – July 9th, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow INCIDENT ALERT: 4 Injured in Fire that Destroyed Dry Storage Fertilizer Facility – June 3rd, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow INCIDENT ALERT: Explosion Damages Part of Ammonia and Urea Plants – May 21st, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow INCIDENT ALERT: Synthesis Gas Leak in Ammonia Plant Leading to Explosion – May 20th, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow newsletter – May 20th, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow INCIDENT ALERT – May 7th, 2019

FIORDA Case study – Failure of Reformer Tubes at Ammonia Plant – April 3rd, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow INCIDENT ALERT – March 25th, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – March 6th, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – February 4th, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – January 23rd, 2019

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – January 7th, 2019

Happy Holidays from AmmoniaKnowHow – December 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – November 26th, 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – November 12th, 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – October 29th, 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – October 15th, 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – September 26th, 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – September 10th, 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – August 20th, 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – August 6th, 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – July 16th, 2018

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – November 13th, 2017

AmmoniaKnowHow Newsletter – October 27th, 2017

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