Online Training for Ammonia Plant Operators and Engineers

Online Training for Ammonia Plant Operators and Engineers

Fertilizer Industrial Services is working to develop an online learning platform for ammonia plant engineers and operations in collaboration with Protomation from the Netherlands. Online training is the knowledge transferred via internet from anywhere in the world to targeted audiences who choose to learn a particular subject / skill. To start, our main topics will cover Operation and Incidents in Ammonia Plants and Process Safety strategy.


The Challenge

Once we had announced our first Specific Process Safety Risks in Ammonia and Urea Plants training, we faced the following challenges:

  • Where to organize the next training course to mitigate visas issues, expensive accommodations and long-distance travel?
  • What would be the best date to organize the training course so more people can attend?
  • How to make the training program cost effective, accessible to non-English speaking operators and available for engineers and specialists willing to know more about ammonia industry?


Our Approach

On the path of developing the effective online training, we take the following approach:

The plugin compatible to website and WordPress platform is selected.

Partnership  with Protomation results in embedding their state-of-the-art simulator in our training program when presenting courses for operators.

The presentations are animated and graphically vivid to enhance learning and knowledge sharing. To enhance the accessibility to our training programs, we are aiming for a multi-language platform with training courses available in Russian, French and Spanish languages in the future.


Benefits for Fertilizer Companies

Cost effectiveness

For many industries, the days when an employer should pay for several days’ worth of training and transport to training centers are gone. We are looking to bring the same approach to the fertilizer industry. With online training, your employees can access their studies anywhere, improving convenience and saving funds.

Edinburgh Business School say that an online solution will help you significantly cut the cost of training. As a business, it will mean you don’t have to worry about hiring a conference room, asking employees to take time out of their working day, paying for lunches or subsidizing travel costs.


Consistency and compliance with industry needs

No matter how many employees you have, online training courses delivers the exact same content to everyone. Online training will never have a bad day of teaching, so you know all your employees will come away with the same quality of knowledge.

We are working together with fertilizer companies to develop dedicated training that fits their needs. When your essential compliance training has been developed and updated, the next challenge is making the employees aware of the change and any related training they might have to complete.

We are aiming for our online courses to be up to date. The training material is constantly revised, to ensure that every user receives the most accurate information possible.


Convenience for operators and engineers

Online training is available anytime, anywhere, allowing operators and engineers to arrange when and where they take their training. All they need is access to the internet and they are ready to go. This freedom is also likely to make the training more effective. They won’t be panicking about work they should be doing; they’ll be able to invest their full attention in their development.


Progress at your own time

With online learning, employees can progress at their own pace. Everyone needs a different amount of time to absorb and process information, therefore, face-to-face training is unlikely to be the ideal solution for everyone. Providing the freedom of self-paced learning ensures all employees get the most out of the training opportunities provided.


Quick Feedback

After completing an online course, employees will receive immediate results and feedback on their performance. Users can also track their progress and revisit areas of misunderstanding before completing the assessment. Additionally, majority of online training courses provide each successful user with a certificate of completion. Learners can use certificates as evidence of compliance and professional development. Many courses also contribute to CPD (Continuous Professional Development) hours with professional organisations like IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers) or AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers).

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