Chemical producers can maximize plant availability and process efficiency around the clock with Navigance.

This Software as a Service blends data science and chemical expertise with advanced plant models, digital tools, and ongoing expert support for all continuous chemical processes. Helping producers optimize their operations with intelligence, confidence and at pace based on their historic and current plant process data.

With the Navigance Optimization Engine, cutting-edge process models and machine learning algorithms scan the data for ways to optimize 24/7. It delivers automatic, actionable recommendations plus expert analysis to help fine tune process control variables and hit critical optimization goals.

The Navigance Plant Monitor scans for potential issues or anomalies in process data and alerts plant teams about them. So they can tackle problems early to prevent downtime.

Plus, the Navigance Analytics Platform provides one, clear, up-to-date view of all plant data in a single interface, to access and share securely anywhere. No more manual uploads or complex manual analysis. Resulting in more informed, collaborative, effective decisions.

Navigance, a subsidiary of Clariant, brings together experts in process engineering, data science, user experience, software development and more. For a state-of-the-art, user-friendly, customer-focused service that’s ready to support demanding plant operations.

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