Standard Harmonization: US Standards harmonized with European Standards

Standard Harmonization: US Standards harmonized with European Standards

The Situation

The Client requested Fertilizer Industrial Services to perform an international standard harmonization exercise that included updating references to US standards from their engineering procedures to the European Standards references.



We appointed a cross-disciplined team of engineers to cover documentation like piping classes, selection of piping components and materials, pressure vessels, pressure vessels internals, etc.

Each document was thoroughly reviewed and updated with correspondent European standard where applicable, including the material selection composition, thickness and corrosion allowance.



Our Client was satisfied with the quality of our work and presented the documentation prepared by Fertilizer Industrial Services to his clients in Europe. They were also pleased with the result and decided to adopt the documentation at their organization.

The Client decided to extend the scope further with other engineering practices to be harmonized using the same approach developed by Fertilizer Industrial Services.

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